What is Teachers@Play?

The Five W’s of T@P:

Who is behind Teachers@Play: The founder of Teachers@Play, Erica M. Holan, has been working in the inservice industry for years.  She works with teachers on the ground level, in schools, in professional development workshops, etc.  She has heard the voices of the teachers who are frustrated by the lack of support they have for implementing new technology in their classroom settings.  Teachers@Play was created to assist teachers on a one-to-one or small group level.

What are we?  Teachers@Play is a professional development consulting agency.  We are in the business of making learning fun again, for both teachers and their students!

Where are we located?  Erica lives in Metuchen, NJ, and operates Teachers@Play from her home.  As far as where you can receive training, Erica is more than willing to travel to a location convenient for you, your small group, or your school/district!

When did Teachers@Play come to life?  Well, the idea of T@P has been lingering in Erica’s head and heart for some time.  It was only until just recently that she was able to take the time from her professional and academic schedule to set this vision into motion!  That said, she’s been involved with providing inservice instruction to teachers for many years, in part due to her position as Assistant Director of the Kean University Writing Project, as well as her instructor position at Rutgers University (see the “Erica of Teachers@Play” page for more info).

Why are we in existence? This company was developed with teachers in mind.  Teachers who want to know more about technology, but don’t have the time to learn on their own.  Teachers who are tired of professional development that doesn’t suit their needs.  Teachers who want to learn but are afraid to jump into the chaotic world of technology and Web 2.0 tools on their own.  Teachers@Play is here to help you!

Typically, teachers receive professional development through their school districts, meaning, the district pays for their workshops.  With Teachers@Play, teachers have the opportunity to engage in their own tailored professional development that suits their needs directly.  Erica runs personalized instructional sessions to assist your growth as you see fit, not your supervisor, not your principal, and not your superintendent!

With the understanding that time and financial issues can be a difficulty for some educators, Erica will also conduct personalized meetings with teachers in small groups of 2-4 educators.  This way, while the fee may be a bit higher, dividing it among a small group will be more fiscally manageable.

Erica is also willing to work with grade levels, whole schools, and even whole districts, but the small group model must remain the same.  In order for teachers to truly absorb the information and skills Erica is demonstrating in each session, it is extremely important for teachers to be in small groups of no more than 5 teachers at a maximum.  This way, Erica has the ability to assist each teacher as needed.

Reach out to her through the site’s Contact page, via teachersatplay@gmail.com or by phone at
(908) 499-2193 today.