25+ Players


Congratulations on being a truly innovative 21st century educational leader!  If you’ve come to this page, it’s clear you’re dedicated to having your faculty and staff be on the cutting edge of pedagogy infused with technological skill!

If you’ve checked out any of the previous “player” tabs in the site’s navigational bar located on the left-hand side of the page, then you probably already know that Erica would love to hear from you about how you’d like to proceed with such a large-scale endeavor.  There are infinite possibilities when it comes to having Erica assist your team in a professional development adventure of a lifetime!  This is not lip-service; your teachers will be thrilled to learn new and exciting ways to incorporate technology into their pedagogical practice.

erica-8-bit 25+

If you don’t think that all of your faculty members will be on board with this prospect, then contract Erica to teach a course within your district that is specifically geared toward videogame design and development.  Again, there are a number of levels that this course can be geared towards, so please be sure to contact Erica today to begin discussing how she can craft a proposal specific to your district’s needs today!