2-4 Players


Our small group adventure options are similar to those that can be accomplished as a single player.  The advantage of working in a small group is collaboration, motivation, a fun sense of competition, not feeling like you’re the only one who needs help, and sharing your new-found knowledge with other colleagues!  While the 2-4 player adventure can be constructed in multiple ways, here are a few examples:

  • Learning the same new tool(s) – If you are all interested in learning about a particular Web 2.0 tool (or sets of Web 2.0 tools) then being in a group environment can be a huge advantage!  While Erica will be your guide, you will also have the ability to ask other team members to assist you!  Also, as a bonus, if Erica is not around (let’s say, after the session has ended) and you need additional assistance, than you can simply ask a team mate who was with you on the journey!
  • The team that plays together, stays together!  There is nothing like struggling together to build leadership and cooperative learning skills.  You’ll be able to put yourself in the position of your students when learning a new task for the first time.  With this option, small groups of 2-4 teachers can learn how to gamify their classroom lesson plans, unit plans, etc.  If you are interested in playing as a group of four 4th grade teachers for example, then all of you can learn how to gamify the same unit together.  Erica will explain to you the benefits of gamifying your lesson plans based on her years of research on this topic.  She’ll also walk you through the process of how to gamify a unit to your unique specifications.  It’s quite possible to end up with four very different looking units, all based on the same content.  This way, you can all learn from each other different ways of presenting materials, to change up your pedagogy year after year!
  • For the groups of advanced learners, Erica can take you through the more advanced adventure offerings through Teachers@Play.  You have the option of learning about how to create digital stories with your students, creating quest-based learning units for your students, exploring virtual worlds as learning spaces, discovering what machinima is all about, creating and maintaining online communities, websites, and more!

Again, these are just a FEW examples of the many options that you can explore in a team of 2-4 players!  Please do not hesitate to contact Erica if you have any questions or ideas for your own original adventure with Erica, Mario and Toad as your guides! 🙂