5+ Players


If you are a supervisor, vice-principal, principal, assistant superintendent, superintendent, or otherwise interested educational administrative personnel member who would like to explore the option of having Erica prepare your school or district with 21st century cutting-edge pedagogy, then you’ve come to the right site!  Erica will be more than happy to discuss with you the possibilities available to you and your faculty/staff members.  Since this would be a project entailing the entire school, there are many ways to design adventures appropriate for everyone on your team, from neophyte players to hard-core pedagogical gamers!

If you are interested in pursuing this possibility, please be sure to contact Erica via this site, through email at teachersatplay@gmail.com, or by phone at
(908) 499-2193.

Optional adventures are detailed on other pages of this site, so please take a look at these for possible PD journey options for you and/or your faculty and staff!

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