Intermediate Level

So, you’re already a Web 2.0 whiz?  Want something a bit more challenging?  No problem!  Erica can show you some really awesome programs that you can use with your students to boost their motivation, engagement, content knowledge, and creativity, all while fulfilling the Common Core State Standards, with a STEM emphasis!  Imagine that!

With some handy Web 2.0 know-how, you can have your students creating their own tutorials, digital stories, podcasts, vodcasts, and more!

Two of the awesome applications you can enhance your curriculum are described here:

Minecraftedu: Have your students recreate the images they have in their mind when they’re reading required texts OR their own book selections!  Minecraftedu (the educational version of Minecraft) is essentially a digital form of Lego blocks.  Your students can use the designing tools within the Minecraftedu realm to develop scenes from their favorite reading excerpts, create screencasts demonstrating the work they’ve done, and talk over the video to explain in depth what they’ve created, adding a metacognitive component to this amazing STEM-oriented, 21st century skill, CCSS approved programming!  Erica will guide you through this adventure on a one-to-one level, or with a small group of you and your colleagues!  Contact me today to find out more about getting started with Minecraftedu!

Gamestar Mechanic: Gamestar Mechanic is a tried and true videogame design primer.  Erica has used this program before with middle school enrichment students to introduce the concepts of game design (basic game mechanics).  Students complete a quest-based course demonstrating the tools and concepts that they will later utilize to create their own games.  The more quests they complete, the more game components they will earn to use when creating their own designs.  There is an advanced version of this program as well, which includes an extremely reasonable $2 per student LIFETIME membership, meaning, if the students wanted to continue to develop advanced games once they’ve graduated, etc., they’ll be able to access and utilize their account for life!  Erica can show you how this gaming platform can also be used to create screencasts of the students’ work, where they can narrate their ideas and/or stories to enhance their 21st century skill set!

If you think you’re up for the challenge of introducing elements of game design in your classroom setting, do not hesitate to contact Erica today!

Please note that the two programs above are not the only activities that can be completed at this PD adventure level!  Do not hesitate to ask Erica if there is another program that you may be interested in pursuing that isn’t listed above!